Get Remote Support now!

So, how does it work?

Once you download and run the ScreenConnect remote support software, we can create a temporary link to your computer to view your screen and control your mouse and keyboard. Geecom can then work directly on your computer and fix the problem right in front of you while you watch.

L​et's get started!

  1. Call us on 022 599 4593 and ask for Geecom Remote Support

  2. Click here (or click the red button above) to go to our ScreenConnect remote control website

  3. Enter the code given by your technician and click the grey arrow

  4. If asked to Run or Open the software, click Run or Open

  5. If asked to Save the software somewhere, do so, and then click on its name to run the software

  6. If asked to Allow the software to run, click Allow

  7. Wait a few seconds for the software to run

  8. After a few moments, your technician will be able to see your computer screen and control the mouse and keyboard in real-time

  9. When the technician has resolved your issue, the remote session will be closed and no further connections are possible. If another remote session is required, the above steps will need to be repeated.